Home gardens,
wherever home may be.

At Everybody Grows, we work to inspire and equip people to grow fresh, healthy food.

Growing together,
Growing food.

We believe that all people should be able to grow food at home to nourish themselves and their families. We partner with community organizations to build Inspiration Gardens that make growing food possible for all. We provide new gardeners with the right training and resources to grow, and we work to overcome obstacles such as income and mobility so that everybody can experience the joy of growing food. We invite you to join us, and grow together.  Please read our 2019 Garden Report to learn about how we supported new gardeners this past year.

Grow Fresh, Healthy Food at Home

Did you know you can plant a garden just about anywhere? All it takes is sun, soil, water
and seeds, and a little bit of dedication. We‘ll help you learn how to build, plant and maintain
your own home garden, big or small.

Learn more about the kinds of gardens you can create:

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